The final words of Joshua have significant importance both for his time and for ours. In particular, there are six faith actions that move us toward authentic, Christ-following lives. The final chapter of Joshua encourages and challenges us to:

REMEMBER where we have been,
CHOOSE who we will serve,
REPENT from where we are going,
give WITNESS to what we believe,
celebrate our spiritual LEGACY,
and finally to learn how to truly REST.

The Joshua 24 Experience Study

Episode One: Remember

Joshua begins with a history lesson. He invites Israel to remember where they come from so they can remember what God has done. We are also invited to remember our story.

Episode Two: Choose

Life is filled with choices, but some choices matter more than others. Joshua challenges Israel to choose who they will serve. We are not exempt from that mandate.

Episode Three: Repent

Joshua challenges Israel to put away their idols and fully commit their hearts to God. In like fashion, we allow things to distract us from Jesus and are called to confess and rid ourselves of those distractions, idols, and sin.

Episode Four: Witness

Grandly and meticulously, Joshua gives testimony to the commitments he and his nation make to follow God. We must prayerfully consider what we truly believe and how we intend to live it out.

Episode Five: Legacy

Joshua left behind a spiritual legacy that impacted the entire nation of Israel. We are challenged to leave behind a spiritual legacy that matters to those around us.

Episode Six: Rest

Joshua ends in rest, and this is a picture of the rest that awaits us all in the end. In a culture that is sick with chronic busyness, we are called to rest as part of a regular rhythm of living.

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