Kristin Moore


If you asked anyone who knew Kristin 10 years ago what she would be doing today, there is no doubt that the answer would involve singing. She has a God-given gift when it comes to vocals, and from the moment she graduated high school and moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University, pursuing a career in the music industry was a no brainer.

During her time at Belmont, Kristin chased hard after her dream. She attended countless auditions, spent hours waiting in studios for the chance to sing background vocals, and even had the opportunity to go overseas to sing. She hustled. It may come as a surprise then, that today her occupation is not in the music industry. In fact, it’s on the other end of the spectrum. Kirstin is the owner of INSPYR Advertising.

After graduation, it was time to make a decision about next steps. In her mind there were two options, she could stay in Nashville and keep chasing her dreams, or she could move home and see what else was out there for her. After careful consideration and the support of her family, she decided to put singing aside and head home. Even though it meant changing her course, the decision filled her with a peace she didn’t think was possible.

Once she moved home, Kristin got her first job outside of college in sales and learned that it was an area in which she excelled. She dug in and taught herself how to budget and manage money, working quickly to save her money and pay off student loans. It was around that time when a pastor from a local church reached out to her about singing worship. That’s the beautiful thing about our God. When Kristin chose to pursue a career outside of singing, God didn’t take away her passion or her gifting, He simply repurposed them in a way that brings Him the glory and her joy.

The love of sales brought out her passion for advertising and marketing, and the opportunity to open up her own small business presented itself. With the encouragement of her friends, family, and her husband, she jumped. Kristin opened INSPYR Advertising, and she hasn’t looked back since. By trusting in the Lord and leaving the business in His hands, she has had countless opportunities to grow her business, and act out her faith in her work place. She began praying for her clients and watched God expand her company from supporting 2 clients to 11. In the moments when she doubted herself, He placed people in her life to champion her and push her and help her to believe in herself just as much as they do. Her greatest lesson though, has been realizing that the success of her job isn’t in her hands. She’s given control of her business – good or bad – over to God. The future is in His hands, wherever He takes her.