Chase Simpsen


There was never a time when Chase had to question what hard work looked like. Some of his earliest memories are of watching his dad and grandpa not only working, but enjoying it. That love of work was ingrained in him and is something he has carried through to his own career. From watching them, he learned that if you want something, you set goals and work towards them. As he got older, though, God was faithful in showing Chase that the most important goal is the one that ends in eternity.

As Chase moved towards adulthood, he kept the image of his dad and grandpa in his mind. He learned, though, that figuring out what he truly wanted to do didn’t come as easily to him as it seemed to for them. At the time, he didn’t have a vision for what he wanted to do, but he did know what his giftings were. All that was left was for him to find the place where his giftings and his passions intersected.

In God’s perfect timing, it happened. Chase found himself with an opportunity in a company where he not only saw potential, but they saw potential in him. It was then that he made the conscious decision to dig deep and dive in, to be fully present and committed exactly where he was. Chase learned a valuable lesson in that moment. He learned that he couldn’t get to where he wanted to be without taking a step, even if it felt like a small one. He has seen how even in the small steps or the missteps God has been and will continue to be faithful.

Chase has been with that same company for the past 10 years, and has been consistently promoted into new roles, each with more responsibility than the last, allowing him space to grow and influence those around him. He has found himself in a position to see and call out the potential that he sees in others. He has learned the valuable lesson that employees aren’t just a person who works for you, but they are the story that comes with it. He’s able to share about a time that he chose to stay the course, and the good things that came out of it. By trusting God to be faithful, and taking a step in obedience, Chase has moved from not knowing what he was supposed to do, to being in exactly the right place.