Has it ever occurred to you that we've been invited to play an important role in the greatest story of all time? From creation to fall, from the fall to the rescue, and from the rescue to the restoration, God's story is being revealed. Each and every Christ-follower is empowered as a messenger, entrusted with the message of Christ's redeeming work in the world! 

As we journey from the Old Testament prophets to the modern-day missionaries among us, we will consider what it means to live OPEN to God's work in us, through us, and for the world around us. This is an expansive topic that has been unfolding for thousands of years and will continue until Christ's glorious return. Our hope and prayer is that thousands will be encouraged and equipped to live:

  • Open Lives- Your first and best witness to the life you live
  • Open Arms- Connecting with those apart from Christ
  • Open Witness- What is your story?
  • Open To All- Knowing and sharing the story of the Savior
  • Open Mouth- Timely Truth-Telling
  • Open Doors- Praying for the Holy Spirit at work

May we be willing and eager participants in His story as it unfolds!

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