Joni Parker


Joni did not want to be one of our “extraordinary” stories. She is convinced that she is just an ordinary person who does an ordinary job. But Joni is extremely faithful.

She came to know the Lord as a kid, and she grew up in a home where excellent work was the norm. She remembered seeing her parents work hard day in and day out. As a college student, this diligence really paid off as Joni began to pursue her degree and career. It was in college where Joni’s head knowledge of God collided with a heart experience, and her relationship with God went to the next level.

Today, faithfully living as a woman, wife, mom, and employee seem second nature to her. She is a faithful follower of Jesus whose identity is rooted and established in the gospel. But Joni’s faithfulness isn’t without warrant. God has been trustworthy in every season of her life.

In her childhood home, God planted seeds so that she could know Him. In her college and young adulthood years, God cultivated the soil of her soul so that she could love Him. And, in this season of life and work, God is reaping a Kingdom harvest as she serves Him. Joni’s story reminds me of how much God delights in using “ordinary” people in “ordinary” places to create extraordinary stories.

Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a little and you will continue to be entrusted with much. Never leave the joy of your Master as you work hard for the Lord and not for men.