What does it really look like to be a Christ follower who is fearless, ridiculous and dangerous?

What are the responsibilities of an individual and group who are fearless, ridiculous and dangerous? Vision is a four week small group study designed to help all of us embrace and genuinely live out Eastview’s vision. Each week follows a format that should lead you and your group to some actionable next steps. This study culminates in every group member taking the Are You In? snapshot located on the Eastview app and the Eastview website.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

After taking the Are You IN? snapshot, what are your next steps in following Jesus? The following resources will help you process and commit to your next steps.

Small Group Discussion Guide

Vision Values & Next Steps

Fearless Church DS.jpg

Fearless Church Next Steps

Christ Follower DS.jpg

Christ Follower Next Steps

Ridiculous Love DS.jpg

Ridiculous Love Next Steps

Dangerous Witness DS.jpg

Dangerous Witness Next Steps

Leader Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Shepherding Resources

Dangerous Witness Scorecard